New Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock Update March 9 – Ver 0.11.2 Full Patch Notes and Details

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Minecraft continues to be one of the biggest games ever. Millions of players enter the blocky world every day to complete challenges, play with friends and build giant creations.

Alongside this, players can host their own custom servers, some of which have grown massive. One of these is the Hypixel Skyblock server. The server is described by the creators as follows:

“Starting out as a YouTube channel making Minecraft Adventure Maps, Hypixel is now one of the largest and highest quality Minecraft Server Networks in the world, featuring original games such as The Walls, Mega Walls, Blitz Survival Games, and many more!”

Today, the Hypixel Skyblock server received a massive update – you can find the details below.

Update Summary

There are lots of changes in this update including the Spider’s Den full revamp, combat balance changes and a bunch of new items.

Why am I getting a massive EXP Boost?

That is all answered in the patch notes, however, with some of the changes, players are getting the EXP retroactively as if they’ve been there all along.

Hypixel Skyblock Update March 9 – Full Patch Notes for Ver 0.11.2

Here are the full patch notes for the latest Hypixel Skyblock update for March 9. Buckle in:

NOTICE: You will receive a big chunk of Combat Skill experience upon logging in – this is intended! Read this thread for more information. This will seem like a lot, but again, it is normal!

Spider’s Den: Revamped
Included in this patch is the full revamp to the Spider’s Den. Meant as an entry point to SkyBlock’s combat islands, the Spider’s Den now also contains a higher level area and a completely new world boss. It looks better than ever!
The revamped island features new items, monsters and quests. There is also a secret way to power up the new world boss, leading to much better rewards.
Among the new items in this update, look for 3 new bows, two of which can be upgraded by defeating the harder version of the new boss!

The Bestiary
The Bestiary is a new major mechanic added as part of SkyBlock’s combat features.

Automatically unlocked by all players at any level, the Bestiary can be found within the Combat Skill in the skills menu. It contains detailed information on all existing monsters, provided you have defeated a certain amount of them, including their loots and how often you have killed them. Increasing your knowledge of monsters will provide per-monster rewards like increased Magic Find, and achieving certain global milestones within the Bestiary will offer rewards like combat experience and permanent health upgrades.

NOTE: The Bestiary is a retroactive update! Upon logging in, you will be rewarded with Milestone rewards as if it had always been active.

► Grandma Wolf’s Combo System

Also included with this update is Grandma Wolf! She is such a sweetie.

After interacting with the old granny, she will give you her own pet. This is a unique pet that you cannot convert into an item and will forever own and cherish.

One very important thing to mention about her pet is that it comes with its own unique Kill Combo system. This system is active, even if you do not equip the pet! The system is simple – every time you kill a monster, the combo counter goes up. This counter is not shown, but once you reach certain milestones in the combo system, you will gain certain bonuses.
Failure to kill monsters fast enough will cancel the bonus and bring the counter back to zero. The higher your combo is at, the stronger the bonus is, but the harder it is to keep it up!
To upgrade Grandma Wolf’s combo system, you need to reach certain Milestones within the Bestiary. Once you do, speak to Grandma Wolf herself multiple times to have her upgrade the pet. You can upgrade upon reaching milestones II, IV, VI and VIII.

The Deletor
Found in the Iron Collection as a new recipe, the Deletor is a simple new feature that allows you to automatically delete unwanted items on pick up.

Simply put one of the unwanted items in the Personal Deletor (4000 to 7000) and they will automatically be obliterated on pick-up

NOTICE: The Deletor is currently disabled due to an exploit. We will be fixing this as soon as possible

Quality of Life and Balance changes
As usual, we are also releasing a good amount of Bug Fixes and other Quality of Life changes. Here they are, listed for your convenience.

Balance Changes

  • Add “Deal +200% damage against Mythological creatures” to Daedalus Axe
  • Make living dead Zombie pet perk work with more armor pieces

Quality of Life Changes

  • Add /wd alias for wardrobe
  • Add pagination to dungeon class levels.
  • HOTM reset now shows reimbursement amounts in lore
  • Make new years cakes use their own furniture limit group
  • Add skill level average to skill menu
  • Added Enchanted Sacks for all first tier enchanted items
  • God Potions can finally be placed in the Potion Bag
  • Implemented several improvements to the Bazaar and Auction House sub-systems

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed broken drop rates on certain monsters. Woops!
  • Fixed certain fairy souls that were no longer accessible since the Dwarven Mines Update

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