Mutant Football League’s Console Release Date Announced

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If you’ve been anxiously waiting for the day when you can play Mutant Football League on your home consoles then it’s finally time to get excited. Today, independent developer Digital Dreams Entertainment officially announced that the sports title will finally be making its way to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in just a couple weeks, on January 19, 2018, to be exact.

In Mutant Football League, players will be able to face each other in seven vs. seven football games with a twist: instead of the title featuring a more traditional football style it’ll instead feature a gruesome, fantasy/monster themed sport. The game will include eighteen different, trap-filled stadiums, as well as eighteen teams, which come with creatures like aliens, orcs, skeletons, and more. During each match, players will be able to utilize a variety of features in order to gain an advantage such as throwing bombs or bribing referees.

For those that don’t know, Mutant Football League is a successor to the 1993 title of the same name, which was originally published by Electronic Arts. The game was funded by Kickstarter, with the PC version being released this past October. Until today, the only release window that the console versions had was Early 2018, so it’s nice that we finally know when it’ll be coming.

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