Mushroom Wars 2 Producers Talks About Creating an Indie eSport Title

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While games like Overwatch and Street Fighter are normally what cross your mind when you think of an eSport, developer and producer Andrey Korotkov wants you to imagine something else: Mushroom Wars 2.

Speaking with DualShockers’ Co-Founder Joel Taveras at PLAY NYC, Korotkov discusses his excitement in developing a sequel to Mushroom Wars, once a PlayStation 3 indie wonder. This time around, Korotkov remarks  he has more wiggle room and resources to be more experimental and add components that they always wanted in the original.

Not only that, Korotkov notes that he will soon be submitting Mushroom Wars 2 to the ESL. According to Korotove, “from the very beginning we focused to make an eSports game” and they are simply waiting on approval from the Electronic Sports League.

More importantly, Korotkov mentions that he was humbled by the audience at PLAY NYC. The Russian developer who took his first steps in New York for the event was surprised when people immediately remembered eight year-old title. “It feels good,” he remarks appreciatively.

Mushroom Wars 2 is a real time strategy title focusing on armies between clans of mushrooms. The game is currently available on iOS, but will be coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Android sometime this year. Check out the full interview, below:

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