Moss Comes to PS VR on February 27 Alongside an Enchanting Launch Trailer

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Developer Polyarc Games wasn’t ready to reveal Moss‘s release date last week in their news blast, simply because they were saving the final reveal for President’s Day. In their most recent announcement, the Seattle-based studio revealed that Moss would be coming to PlayStation VR (via PS4) on February 27, 2018.

News comes direct from the official Polyarc Games Twitter account, where they let fans and followers know that they wouldn’t have to be waiting until February 28 for the game — a date many had pinned on the title given it was planned for a “February 2018” launch window. Instead, the game would be coming out the day prior on February 27:

This isn’t the only news for the rodent-based VR platformer. As a bonus to everyone who pre-orders the title will get both a Moss PlayStation Theme and an avatar featuring protagonist Quill. Of course, that theme was debuted months ago — it features Quill being his adorable self with some dynamic particle effects to match:

And honestly, there may be no better time to launch the game, given that PlayStation VR is on sale now through March 3, 2018. Of course, if you are new to Moss you can check out the Redwall-esque gameplay in the 14 minutes of video debuted last week.

As mentioned above, Moss is a PlayStation VR exclusive and will launch on February 27, 2018. Check out the brand new launch trailer below:

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