Monster Hunter World Gets 1080p Screenshots Showing NPCs, Special Quests, and Guild Cards

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Today Capcom released a new batch of screenshots of the upcoming mainline chapter o the Monster Hunter series Monster Hunter World. 

First of all, we get a look at the relevant NPCs of the Survey Resource Management Office, which is a location in the hub city of Astrea that players will visit often to register and collecting bounties, manage survey quests and deliver requested items.

The Materials Team Leader is in charge of logistics and distribution of goods. The Research Team Leader manages surveys and deliveries, he is a genius scholar that is also seen as a bit eccentric. The Technical Team Leader is a famous inventor who takes care of equipment and architecture.

Bounties are challenges that can be easily accomplished during the execution of normal hunting quests. There are “Priority Bounties” tied to the construction of facilities and “Delivery Bounties” that are offered periodically. Up to six can be registered at the same time.

When you complete priority bounties, you gain access to new facilities in Astrea.

Survey Quests have various goals like hunting monsters or collecting items. While Mission Quests lets you advance the story and Free Quests let you play around freely, Survey quests occur under special conditions. While they can be attempted a limited number of times, they offer special rewards.

Delivery requests are orders for the delivery of a certain item.

Last, but not least, we get to see the “Guild Card” which is basically your business card as a hunter, which you can customize and includes your relevant stats, to be sent to other players. It includes your title, a comment that you can type freely, a symbol, your image (customized with equipment, pose, and facial expression), your Palico buddy, the number of times you have used each weapon, stats on medals and fighting tournaments, and more.

You can check out all the screenshots below. If you want to see more of Monster Hunter World, you can also check out recent footage showing a hunt for Nergigante, a series of mini-trailers, a trailer from a few days ago  focusing on the cute Palico buddies, more screenshots released on the same day, showing more of the game’s most relevant NPCs, and our comparison between the three graphics modes on PS4 Pro.

Incidentally, we recently learned that the game’s dedicated PS4 Pro console sold 33,000 units in Japan last week and that the PS4 beta is coming back tomorrow, December 22nd, this time around open to everyone.

Monster Hunter World will release worldwide on January 26th, for PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC version coming at a later date.

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