Monster Hunter Stories Storms onto 3DS with an Exhilarating Launch Trailer

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Nintendo and Capcom launched their turn-based RPG spin-off Monster Hunter Stories exclusively on 3DS today, so they released a launch trailer which showcases both cinematic cutscenes and gameplay to celebrate.

Monster Hunter Stories differs in its premise from other Monster Hunter titles by being turn-based and following Monster Rider trying to beat the Black Blight instead of a titular Monster Hunter. Outside of battle, players must collect and hatch eggs to get new monster with special abilities garner through their genes. Genes from two monsters can be spliced together in the Rite of Channeling.

In battle, players must choose to attack with one of three attack types: Power, Speed, and Tech. If the player’s attack type matches with their monster’s type, a Double Attack that deals damage and fills up the Kinship gauge is preformed. When the Kinship Gauge is completely filled, a Ride On Kinship Skill that deals a massive amount of damage can be preformed.

If you want to learn more about the turn-based gameplay, who can check out an overview trailer covering it that was released yesterday. For those who aren’t aware, it is also stated on the game’s website that Monster Hunter Stories will be getting free DLC after launch.

You can check out the game’s launch trailer below. Monster Hunter Stories is now available exclusively on 3DS; there is also a demo available if you want to test out the title first before purchasing it.

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