Monster Hunter Rise: Amatsu And Four Other Monsters We Want To Return

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The Monster Hunter digital event has finished and there was a lot to digest! Thankfully it will only be a few weeks until we can finally get our hands on Monster Hunter Risebut while we play the waiting game we thought we’d take a look at 5 Monsters we’d love to see make a return. Don’t worry, our list includes the legendary Elder Dragon, Amatsu.

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Amatsu is a legendary Elder Dragon, first introduced in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. Amatsu has a unique body structure, as the head of the Dragon is relatively small but rocks massive golden horns.  The Elder Dragon is known to bring cyclones and horrifying storms wherever it appears.

We’d love to be able to fight Amatsu again, dodging tornado attacks and hitting the Dragon with a heavy counter-attack.


This large Flying Wyvern was first introduced in Monster Hunter: World and is a dragon-like Monster that is covered in thick, heavy scales. This Monster had various abilities but one of the most interesting was it’s ability to dislodge its own scales and use them as explosive mines on the battlefield.

Bazelguese was all about asserting it’s dominance when you entered it’s territory and would inflict a never-ending pace of aggressiveness.


What’s scarier than a giant King-Kong like beast? A King-Kong like beast with horrific horns. Rajang is a fanged Monster that was first introduced in Monster Hunter 2, and still haunts me to date. This Monster is one of the most aggressive and violent Monsters in the franchise, and we’d love to be petrified all over again by fighting the giant beast.

With the terrain style in Monster Hunter Rise, we think the inclusion of Rajang could end up with one of the most horrifying and aggressive versions of this Monster yet.


What? You don’t want the balloon bird to make a return in Monster Hunter Rise? We know this might not be on the top of everyone’s wish list for Monsters, but with the ability to summon other Monsters to its aid we thought it would be a cool addition to the Switch game.

If you’re not familiar with Qurupeco, the Monster is a Bird Wyvern and was first introduced in Monster Hunter 3. Not only can it summon other Monsters, but Qurupeco can also heal them and boost their abilities. Its throat sack makes it more of a vulnerable Monster and easier to fight.


We’d like it if Amatsu wasn’t the only Elder Dragon to make a return in Monster Hunter Rise, so we thought we’d include Gogmazios who was first introduced in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Even though this Monster has an enormous size, it’s still fully capable of flight and will fire a beam of fire down upon you. Like many of the other Monsters on this list, it’s an incredibly aggressive beast that won’t hesitate to destroy anything in its way.

If you could have any Monster make a return in Monster Hunter Rise, what beast would you pick? Let us know in the comments below!

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