MLB The Show Jackie Robinson Collectors Edition — What Other Legends Might Join?

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Earlier today, the team at San Diego Studios announced the MLB The Show Jackie Robinson Collectors Edition. Given everything that happened last year, this is an excellent choice of cover athlete. And, PlayStation is donating $1 to the JRF MLB The Show Scholars for every sale made. That is, without question, awesome news. However, it does make you wonder what other MLB icons might join Robinson throughout MLB The Show 21‘s upcoming game cycle.

Pedro Martinez (Starting Pitcher)

If you’re talking about dominant starting pitchers, there aren’t many more destructive than Pedro Martinez. He was absolutely filthy back in his heyday with the Montreal Expos and Boston Red Sox. Having that pinpoint precision on the mound in your Diamond Dynasty team would be incredible. Get this three-time Cy Young winner in the game immediately.

Mo Vaughn (First Baseman)

Just imagine Mo Vaughn had stuck with Pedro’s Red Sox back in 1998. He could’ve gone down in history as the guy who had David Ortiz’s career. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen for the big fella, but he’s still a fun dude with a massive bat. I mean, you’d have to be with a nickname like “The Hit Dog.”

Mel Ott (Outfielder)

Another solid hitter hopefully joining the game soon. Ott played for the New York Giants back in the 20s, 30s, and 40s. He made the All-Star team 12 times and won the World Series once. He was, in some respects, the power hitter that took over once Babe Ruth retired. So, why not give him a run in Diamond Dynasty.

Bo Jackson (Outfielder)

Yes, I know Bo only played a few seasons at his peak before injuries curtailed his career. However, in those limited shining moments he showed the tools needed to be an all-timer. Had he not also been so gifted at football, he might have gone down as one of the greats. Just let me play as Bo, San Diego Studios.

Obviously, there are a ton of other legends that could come to MLB The Show 21. However, regardless of who joins, picking up the MLB  The Show Jackie Robinson Collectors Edition seems like a great idea when it launches on April 20 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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