MLB: The Show 21 Blows Other Sport Titles Out of the Water With Cross-Play

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MLB: The Show 21 was announced today. The yearly sports franchise drops on April 20. Many are talking about the new cover athlete Frernando Tatis Jr.; however, he’s far from the biggest news here. Instead, it’s what he represents. Tatis Jr. doesn’t abide by the unwritten rules of the sport. Instead, he does things his way, making the game much more exciting than it has been in the past. Listen to him tell it below.

Keeping with that theme, the development team at San Diego Studio is breaking some rules themselves. Previously, the MLB: The Show series has only ever been on PlayStation consoles. That all changes with the 2021 version. For the first time ever, it’s coming to Xbox One and Xbox  Series. That, in itself, is big news, but it’s the next part that’s really wild.

See, with the franchise coming to a new family of consoles, San Diego Studios is also introducing both Cross-Platform Play and Cross Progression to MLB: The Show 21. That means regardless of where you’re playing, you can play with your friends. It takes away that barrier many had if they chose a different console than their pals.

Now, this isn’t anything new in the gaming space as a whole. We’ve seen plenty of multiplayer titles do this. However, in the sports world, this stands out. No other major title does this yet. Hopefully, this is a signal to the gaming world that’s finally happening. Because in titles like FIFA 21, PS5 players can’t even play with their PS4 buddies. You’re locked to the same console as the one you’re playing on and it’s really hurting the game. This move ensures that will never happen, which is a massive win for San Diego Studios.

MLB: The Show 21 drops on April 20 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Now, the ball is in  EA Sports and 2K’s court. Will they finally give fans the cross-play they want? Only time will tell.

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