Minecraft Minions DLC – Meet Gru And Vicious 6 In The Overworld

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A lot of chaos and nefariousness is heading over to the Overworld as Minecraft Minions DLC has arrived at Minecraft Marketplace.

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world. Now the developers have joined hands for a franchise crossovers with the super-popular Minions from Despicable Me who are arriving in a new DLC.

Just a while ago, a new launch trailer for the Minions x Minecraft DLC was upload. So here’s what you can expect in the new DLC.

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Minecraft Marketplace Summer Celebration

Minecraft Marketplace Summer Celebration

Meet the minions in minecraft

The Overworld is about to be flooded by tiny, yellow henchmen. The world of Minecraft is going to get more exciting as players can now gather Minions and get ready to help Gru fight iconic villains like the Vicious 6, El Macho, and Vector.

Alongside the former super-villain Gru, we shall also be seeing Lucy, their adorable three girls (Margo, Edith, and Agnes).

Check out the trailer below to find out what you can do with the army of mischievous minions in Minecraft:

As you can see in the trailer, players get a chance to become the supervillain Gru and get the minions to follow. We can see new tools that can be used as well as a glimpse of the Vicious 6 preparing for a battle.

In the new content, you will have a yellow army of cute mobs following you around in the game and changing their disguises as per the situation. Besides this, players will also get to experience a new map as well in Minecraft.

The new DLC is now available for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

The Minions x Minecraft DLC is already available in the Minecraft Marketplace, so head there to start your new adventure!

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