Minecraft Has Surpassed 176 Million Copies Sold Worldwide

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To mark the 10-year anniversary of Minecraft today, Microsoft and Mojang announced the latest sales numbers for the game and yeah, they’re about as staggering as you’d expect.

Over the course of the past 10 years, Minecraft has now sold over 176 million copies worldwide. Considering the game has been on literally every platform imaginable including mobile devices, last-generation hardware, and even the beloved PlayStation Vita, this isn’t all that surprising spread out over a decade-long span of time. From what we’re aware of, the PC version alone has sold over 30 million of this total. This is a feat that no other games have ever really reached, from what we’re aware of.

Based on this new information, Minecraft is technically the best-selling game of all-time based on numbers that we have available. The game’s biggest competition for this title would be that of Tetris, but it’s uncertain just how many copies of Tetris have been sold over the years from a single entry. While collectively across all entries we know that Tetris has certainly sold more, it’s hard to know if just one installment in the puzzle series has sold more lifetime than that of Minecraft. Unless those totals eventually are released, Minecraft is the de facto champ.

As for the future of Minecraft, Mojang still actively updates the game and adds new content regularly. Plus, additional games in the Minecraft franchise, such as the announcement of Minecraft Earth today, show that the brand seems to still be evolving and expanding into new realms.

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