Middle Earth: Shadow of War is a Massive 97.7GB on PC

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I got some big news. Literally. Middle-earth: Shadow of War is an enormous download on PC. How big you ask? 97.7GB big.

Middle-earth Shadow of War from developer Monolith Productions and publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is out in just three days. And the road to launch has notably been a bumpy one: with microtransactions garnering a firestorm of controversy and negative feedback from fans the moment they were revealed. There was also the whole issue over the Forthog Orc Slayer DLC, which didn’t help things. And now the cherry on top is a whopping download awaiting PC players next week.

The news comes via IGN Editor Dan Stapleton who took to Twitter to show off the download size. For the sake of context, Stapleton also tweeted out the game’s download size for PS4 Pro, which is 69.93GB, which is still a very large number, but substantially less than the 4K-juiced PC download.

97.7GB — that’s like 1/10th of my internet data cap. That’s a lot of space.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is set to release on October 10 via the Xbox One, PC, and PS4. It will notably have PS4 Pro and Xbox One X support, as well as be available as part of select Xbox One S bundles.

If you haven’t already, be sure to peep our review of the game, which went live earlier this week.

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