Microsoft Offers Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass for $1; Releases Commercials

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Microsoft is offering those who are not subscribed to either Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass a chance to grab the first month for $1 or €1, depending on where you live.

The initiative is not valid for existing subscribers (but you can still gift it to someone else), and will continue for the next fifteen days, until January 5th.

In order to advertise it, the house of Xbox launched two commercials in the usual thirty and fifteen seconds formats, comparing the cost of grabby either service with other goodies.

On top of the convenient price, this also involves a good cause. For every new subscription made through the promotion, the house of Xbox will donate $10 in Xbox Game Pass credits to hospitals around the world.

Do keep in mind, that after the first month you’ll have to pay the usual fee unless you cancel your subscription.

This isn’t the first time Microsoft offers Xbox Game Pass for $1, as it happened before during the Thanksgiving period.

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