Metal Gear Solid Created Entirely in Dreams and It Looks Amazing

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Developer Media Molecule has created a playground for the creative minds in their long-awaited game Dreams, which released last month. We have already seen some incredible work from fans who have dabbled with the title’s mechanics and have crafted the opening sequence from Marvel’s Spider-Man and also a player who implemented their very own concept of Days Gone using the title’s custom and pre-built objects.

Following suit – YouTuber, Dreams enthusiast, and community manager for TT Games Bear Parker has released a video of the opening gameplay section of Metal Gear Solid that he has created inside the Dreams universe. Bear’s recreation of Metal Gear Solid is incredibly committed, right down to the last pixel and even kept the music authentic. He states that it’s currently in the pre-alpha stages but he’s working on adding animated environment details like ripples, drips, and rats. He also hopes to remake the entire game rather than just one level setting himself a huge challenge but from what Bear has made so far, I think the finished product will be amazing.

Bear talks further about how the containers in the level were taking up too much memory – 60 percent in fact – so he had to learn a new technique to make them more efficient. When asked if he would do a tutorial on saving system resources in Dreams, Parker responded: “You’re not the first person to request this so definitely  just need to buy some decent recording equipment first.”

Hideo Kojima even retweeted Bear’s project which is probably the most amazing compliment he could have got!


You can check out Bear’s Metal Gear Solid HD remake, below:


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