Medieval Thriller Ken Follett’s: The Pillars of Earth Now Available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One; Launch Trailer Released

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Today, German publisher and developer a Daedalic Entertainment’s medieval 2D interactive thriller, Ken Follet’s: The Pillars of Earth (Part 1) launches on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux, accompanied by an official launch trailer.

For those that don’t know: Ken Follet’s: The Pillars of Earth is the official game-adaption of the world-bestselling book, The Pillars of Earth. The game is set to be released in three parts, each containing seven chapters. Part 1 is available today, meanwhile, Part 2 and Part 3 are currently without release dates. More information on the latter two parts will be shared at Gamescom later this month. If you purchase Part 1, you will automatically obtain Part 2 and Part 3 when they released.

While the game is the official game-adaption of the book, it will let players change events from the novel as well as influence the fate of its characters through “exploration, decision-making and dialogues.” This may be off-putting for hardcore fans of the novel that has sold more than 26 million copies to date, but apparently the writers of the game have been working closely with Ken Follet to keep everything as genuine as possible.

Daedallic has said this is the biggest and most ambitious project it has taken on to date. Below, you can view an overview of the game via the developer/publisher itself:

Set in 12th century England, a time of great poverty and war, “The Pillars of the Earth” takes place in the fictional town of Kingsbridge as it begins the construction of a Cathedral to assure wealth and security for its people. Philip, a monk, becomes the prior of Kingsbridge abbey. Jack, an ambitious architect, is commissioned to build the village cathedral. Aliena and her younger brother Richard, have to survive on their own; after their father, the Earl of Shiring, is incarcerated and murdered. Meanwhile, Prior Philip’s rivals, Bishop Waleran and William Hamleigh, a vengeful noble rejected by Aliena, see the town and its rise to importance as a thorn in their flesh. They want to see Kingsbridge burn.


  • A thousand-page novel, adapted as a videogame across 21 chapters
  • Change events from the novel and influence the fates of its characters
  • Faithful rendition of the 12th century with over 200 hand painted backgrounds
  • Three main playable protagonists, with two extra playable characters
  • Orchestral soundtrack by the FILMharmonic Orchestra, Prague

Ken Follet’s: The Pillars of Earth costs $29.99 USD on PC/Mac/Linux. On consoles it comes in at $39.99 USD. Below, you can check out the new, aforementioned launch trailer:

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