Marvel’s Avengers Gets New Trailer and Key Art, Pre-Orders Live Now

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It has been awhile since we’ve seen anything new regarding Square Enix’s upcoming release of Marvel’s Avengers, but today, the publisher had some new information to share about the title.

First and foremost, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics released a new trailer for Marvel’s Avengers today which shows off more gameplay. The trailer, which is only about one minute in length, gives us a look at all of the major characters from the game — Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Ms. Marvel, Iron Man, and Black Widow — duking it out against a variety of different baddies. While not all of the footage in this trailer is entirely new, the game does look a bit more polished than when we last saw it, at least in my opinion.

Additionally, Square Enix also officially released the key art for Marvel’s Avengers today as well, and it looks pretty great. This image, which is also the box art for the game, can be seen in the featured image above and features all of the aforementioned Avengers standing together in front of what seems to be San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. While I was a bit mixed on how these characters looked when the game was first revealed last year, I’ve actually come around to these designs quite a bit.

Last but not least, pre-order for Marvel’s Avengers have also finally gone live today as well. Whether you’re looking to pre-purchase the game on Steam or Amazon, the many different editions of Marvel’s Avengers can now be snagged ahead of its arrival later this year.

Thanks to a recent delay, we won’t be able to play Marvel’s Avengers until a bit later than expected. The game is planned to launch on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia on September 4, 2020.

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