Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite will Receive a Dozen New DLC Costumes Next Week

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Today, Capcom revealed twelve new DLC costumes for Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite on their own blog and released new screenshots and trailers showcasing them. These costumes will become available next week on December 5, the same day DLC characters Venom, Black Widow, and Winter Soldier are added.

These costumes are divided into two different packs of six: the Cosmic Crusaders Costume Pack and the Stone Seekers Costume Pack. If you want to pick up the costumes, they will cost you $3.99 individually, $11.99 as part of their respective packs, or $29.99 as part of the Premium Costume Pass with eighteen previously released costumes.

The Cosmic Crusaders Costume Pack focuses on characters who have dedicated themselves to fighting evil all around the universe. Specifically, this pack includes Rocket Racoon’s Rocket Space Suit Costume, Gamora’s Gamora Classic Costume, Nova’s Nova Prime Costume, X’s Special X Costume, Zero’s Special Zero Costume and Strider’s Strider Hein Costume. You can check out screenshots for all of them below.

Meanwhile, the Stone Seekers Costume Pack focuses on the main characters trying to track down the Infinity Stones in the game. This pack contains Ultron’s Ultron Conquest Costume, Thanos’ Thanos Annihilation Costume, Spider-Man’s Superior Spider-Man Costume, Frank West’s Proto Man Costume, Haggar’s Metro City Mayor Costume, and Jedah’s Makai Messiah Costume. Below, you can look at screenshots of these six costumes.

You can check out two trailers that show them in action below. Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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