Mario Party: The Top 100 Brings the Series’ Best Mingames Together on 3DS this November

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During today’s Nintendo Direct, a brand new Mario Party title for 3DS was revealed – Mario Party: The Top 100. As the title suggests, the game takes 100 minigames from the series’ long history, and puts them all into one package. Mario Party: The Top 100 will release on November 10.

These 100 minigames come from from every main series title, and rework them for 3DS. As this compilation includes 100 minigames, Mario Party: The Top 100 technically has the most out of any Mario Party title ever, even if none of them are new. Players will also now have the ability to speed the game up by enabling simple minigame instructions, creating a list of Favorites, and being able to set the number of turns for board-game play.

The game supports local download play for up to four 3DS owners; online multiplayer was not mentioned. This also means that only one person in your group of friends needs to own a copy of the game in order for you all to play together. Nintendo has also confirmed that Mario Party: The Top 100 is being developed by Nd CUBE, who worked on last year’s Mario Party: Star Rush.

You can check out some screenshots of the game and the announcement trailer below. Mario Party: The Top 100 will release exclusively on Nintendo 3DS November 10.

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