Madden 22 TOTW 2 Official Picks by EA – Who Is POTW?

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Madden 22 TOTW 2 players have been shared by Electronic Arts, revealing Mike Edwards as the Player of the Week 2.

With all matches done from Week 2 of the NFL, it’s time to know your best players of the week in Madden 22 Ultimate Team.

As revealed by EA Sports, there are now some great cards to grab. Some from last week’s football games, and some from the rest of history. Let’s have a look at the best cards of this week.

Madden 22 | MADDEN LAND Grand Opening Trailer

Madden 22 | MADDEN LAND Grand Opening Trailer

Madden 22 TOTW 2 Official Picks

Week 2 LTD

Aaron Jones (Green Bay Packers) – Overall 92

  • Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions (9/20/2020)
  • 168 Rushing Yards
  • 68 Receiving Yards
  • 3 Touchdowns

Yes! Green Bay Packers beat Lions with a pretty strong performance, but the card above is for the Jones’ last year performance against Lions, which was unforgettable.

Offensive Hero

Ozzie Newsome (Cleveland Browns) – Overall 91

  • Philadelphia Eagles vs. Cleveland Browns (9/19/1982)
  • 8 Receptions
  • 122 Recieving Yards
  • 2 Touchdowns

A brilliant performance from Newsome that you cannot forget about if you have seen the game almost 40 years ago. Madden’s time machine picks a pretty great card for those in need of a great TE.

Defensive Hero

Joey Porter (Pittsburgh Steelers) – Overall 91

  • Las Vegas Raiders vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (9/21/2008)
  • 12 Tackles
  • 2 Interceptions
  • 3 Sacks

These amazing stats that you see for Joey Porter was one of his best-ever performances for the Steelers during his last years of play at Pittsburgh.

Get his 91-Overall card now in Madden 22 if you are in need of a Right Outside Linebacker.

Player of the Week 2

Mike Edwards (Tempa Bay Buccaneers) – Overall 91

  • Tempa Bay Buccaneers vs. Atlanta Falcons (9/19/2021)
  • 4 Tackles
  • 2 Interceptions
  • 3 Touchdowns
  • 2 Passes Defensed

No doubt, Edwards put on a show in the last match against the Falcons. He got two interceptions and turned both into Touchdowns, accounting for 12 points for the Buccaneers that guaranteed the great win against the Falcons.

Madden 22 is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.

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