Lust for Darkness Soars Past Its Kickstarter Goal

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Lust For Darkness is a psychological horror game shrouded in mystery… and erotica.

The game soared past its Kickstarter goal of around $6,400. It currently sits at over $10.000 and there’s still time to get your contributions in if you want. It also just so happens to be one of the last games that ever made it through Steam’s Greenlight program.

You play as a man named Johnathan Moon, who receives a letter from his missing wife guiding him to a secluded mansion. Although it isn’t the most unique introduction, the themes tackled in the game are some of the most interesting I’ve seen in the horror genre. Lust For Darkness takes on themes of erotica as well as cultism. Once you arrive at the mansion all hell literally breaks loose when a cult located in the house opens up a portal to another world.

If you’re interested in supporting the developer, you can head over to the game’s Kickstarter page. Backing the game will score you an early demo, a thank you in the credits, and potentially much more depending on your contribution.

Lust For Darkness will be available on PC for the time, but Kickstarter goals for Xbox One and PS4 versions are available so it could potentially head to consoles at some point. You can check out a gameplay trailer below.

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