Limited Run Games to Publish Physical Nintendo Switch Titles in 2018

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For the past few years, retailer Limited Run Games has provided gamers with the chance to experience physical versions of indie games in limited run printings (as their name implies), with the company branching out onto a new platform: the Nintendo Switch.

Limited Run announced via Twitter that the company has been approved to publish and distribute physical versions of titles for the Nintendo Switch, a welcome change for the company after an extended time waiting for approval to publish titles for the platform. The company stated that it expects its first release for the Nintendo Switch to arrive beginning next year.

Limited Run Games was first founded in 2015 and is based in Raleigh, North Carolina. An independent retailer under Mighty Rabbit Studios, the company specializes in creating physical/retail editions of indie games that are only available in small print runs.

Previously, Limited Run Games specialized in mainly producing retail editions for titles on PS4 and PS Vita, and occasionally branched out into producing special editions for PC titles, such as LawBreakers and Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition most recently, with the Switch presenting the first new console it will publish games for outside of the PlayStation family of systems.

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