LawBreakers Highlights the Close Quarter Combat Expert Class, the Wraith, in New Video

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With early August just a few weeks away, Boss Key Productions is showing off a lot of their upcoming shooter, LawBreakers. The multiplayer arena game is set for a August 8th release for the PS4 and PC, and is getting a physical release of the collector’s edition via Limited Run Games. More recently, an open beta was released which had players seeing who could end up on top. Even though this trial period ended a few weeks back, it still doesn’t mean that there isn’t more to show off. For instance, today Boss Key uploaded a video taking a good look at the wraith class for the game.

There are two characters that are featured predominantly in the trailer. Both represent the wraith class but are very different in personality: the Syndicate affiliated Helix is a wanted weapons broker whereas the Archangels affiliated Deadlock is a teched-out rich boy.

But the highlight of this latest LawBreakers video is the skills of the slick looking class itself. Wraiths are known to be most effective in close quarter combat (CQC) and have a number of skills and weapons to achieve this. The Wasp short sword gives players a versatile melee weapon that can even be thrown at enemies. And as an added surprise, if embedded weapon is shot with the Spektor automatic pistol, than it will explode leaving behind a bloody mess.

The wraith is fast and maneuverable as well with the quick slide move to bridge the gap between enemies at a distance. This class also has a number of vertical options with double, triple, and wall jumps to play around with. Seems like wraiths fit in well with the ‘gravity defying combat’ that LawBreakers is aiming for.

The last and most unique trick shown off in the trailer was the ‘Chrono Switch’ ability. Basically this makes your opponents move at a slower rate if you hit them with this shockwave. Not only does the movement speed decrease, but effected targets will also find their shot rate and own unique abilities tapped for speed.

Honestly the wraith looks really impressive in action and makes me want to pick up LawBreakers sooner rather than later. You can see all the smooth jumping and exploding swordplay in the trailer below:

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