Kojima Production’s Mascot Gives Inspiration to Seiko’s New Watch

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So, I already know some of you loved the Bloodborne watch from Supergroupies that went up for sale last month for $300 but how about a pretty cool looking Death Stranding inspired watch by Seiko? Kojima Productions, in collaboration with Seiko, have unveiled their very own watch inspired by Kojima’s logo, Ludens. The state-of-the-art wristwatch from the Seiko Astron collection features a tiny battery that is powered solely by light. For those of you who travel into different timezones, the watch automatically picks up where you are and sets itself to the correct time with the press of a button by regulating itself to a GPS network.

If you’re familiar with Kojima Productions logo of Ludens, you’ll see that the watch embraces the suit into its dial pattern by implementing the carbon face mask worn by the character. The interlocking sub-dials and golden trims highlight areas of the suit also. The Kojima Productions limited edition Astron watch will be available worldwide in June 2021 for $3,300 USD. However, if you’re wanting to get your hands on this tasteful watch, you better be fast as Seiko will only produce 1,000 units of them. Although, if you do manage to pick one up, your watch will come with the number on the back so you’ll know what edition you got.

For more information regarding the watch’s specs, head on over to the Seiko’s website.

How about a Sam Porter-Bridges action figure to add to your collection? At the start of the month, Kojima Productions teamed up with Max Factory to make two brand new Death Stranding Figma action figures that see Sam with different items, hands, and accessories. If you haven’t got stuck into Death Stranding yet, the title is available now on PS4 and PC.

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