Kingdom Hearts-Like Destiny Chronicles Receives Details About Combat and Difficulty

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Visualnoveler’s upcoming JRPG Destiny Chronicles is currently in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the game toward completion. With 18 days left to fund the game, the developer is releasing more information about the game in hopes of assuaging would-be backers’ concerns surrounding the team’s ability to make a quality JRPG.

Although Visualnoveler has primarily worked on visual novels in the past, the team has gone to its Kickstarter page to release some promising details on how combat will operate in Destiny Chronicles.

It’s well-known now that the Destiny Chronicles team sees Kingdom Hearts as one of its sources for inspiration, and that is a little clearer in its detailing of combat. Players will have both a strong attack and a weak attack to choose from as their most basic moves. Additionally, at any one time, there will be up to 4 spells you can bind to button inputs to change things up quickly.

Being very focused hack & slash gameplay means that the game will be a fast-paced experience. For that reason, Visualnoveler doesn’t want players to feel locked-into a combat choice if a split-second decision is needed. For example, if you begin an attack animation but quickly decide to jump or dodge, Celeste will be able to interrupt her animation for your control.

It seems the team wants Celeste to feel highly capable within a fight as well. She will have mobility beyond simply running, allowing her to roll away from enemy attacks. She will also be able to guard from various enemy attacks.

Lastly, Visualnoveler provided a few details on the game’s difficulty settings. There will be three to choose from: Easy, Normal, and Hard. With the Normal difficulty, you can expect the game to scale in difficulty according to the mechanics introduced and how far into the game you progress. Easy mode will mean that enemies are weaker and slower, while Hard mode will be just the opposite.

Destiny Chronicles is in a Kickstarter campaign in an attempt to raise about $40,000 before November 3. At this time, the campaign has brought in about $17,500. The title is currently in development for PC and is expected to later come to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Although it was originally planned to also launch on PlayStation Vita, Visualnoveler has decided against it, at least for now.

Not so long ago, we got some additional information about the game’s world, revealing details and concept art about a few of its more relevant regions. Visualnoveler has also clarified how it feels Destiny Chronicles is like Kingdom Hearts, but also what makes it a little different.

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