Kadokawa Games’ Root Letter Getting Live Action Adaptation; PC Version Discounted

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Kadokawa Games announced today via press release that its mystery visual novel √Letter – Root Letter will get a live action adaptation.

The Japanese publisher signed a deal with Perfect World Pictures to create live action content based on the game. The project is currently early in the development stage, but more details have been promised for later this year.

Root Letter, which recently passed 300,000 copies shipped worldwide, tells the story of a man in his thirties living in Tokyo, temporarily moving to Shimane Prefecture in order to locate an penpal from his school days. Unfortunately, things are much more complicated than they seem, and mysteries add onto each other, delivering many shocking revelations.

The title features character design by LovePlus artist Mino Taro, providing it with a really charming look.

Producer Yoshimi Yasuda accompanied the announcement with a comment:

“√Letter – Root Letter is the first title from “Kadokawa Game Mystery,” which strives to create Japanese Culture and History. √Letter – Root Letter is an adventure game featuring faithfully reproduced cityscapes and human drama that is interwoven by the people who live in the Shimane Prefecture.

I’m very pleased it has attracted such great interest from Perfect World Pictures, and I look forward to seeing the Root Letter IP enjoyed on different media.”

Perfect World Pictures VP of TV Marketing and Distribution Miao Meng also commented. Interestingly, he mentions that the company is exploring possibility for further licensing of video game IP.

“The convergence of and interplay between movies and games can vastly expand the range of uses for high-quality IP resources while stimulating creative thinking, widening to the largest extent possible how the two can be used in the broader culture and entertainment industry.

Japanese ideas and scenery are of great interest for our markets. With Kadokawa Games, starting with Root Letter, we look forward to exploring further videogames IP possibilities.”

On top of this, today the game has been launched on mobile, only for Japan. In order to celebrate, the PC Version launched last month on Steam is now discounted by 25% wrldwide. Considering that it’s already rather affordable, it’s definitely not a bad deal.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game and want to know more, you can read my own review of the console version, and our interview with Director Zin Hasegawa, from last Year’s Tokyo Game Show.

We also know that another “Kadokawa Mystery Game” is coming, since the publisher has been holding auditions for the role of the heroine.

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