I Am Setsuna Developer’s Lost Sphear Gets New Screenshots and PS4 Gameplay Video

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If you’re interested in Tokyo RPG Factory’s upcoming JRPG Lost Sphear, you’re in luck, because today we get the full course.

The Japanese arm of Square Enix released a brand new batch of screenshots and information about the game.

We get more information about the Zigan Empire, which is the largest country of the world, with territory occupying half of it. It’s a military nation that embraced technology, but the political stance is to make sure tat the military does not take priority over enrichment of the citizens’ lives.

Zemurod, 40 years old, is the Prime Minister of the Empire, and benefits from the Emperor’s absolute trust. He is considered the real leader of the empire, and is supported both by the people and the army. He is adamant in his quest of enriching the people’s lives, and feels that in times of crisis he needs to protect the nation no matter what. The existence of protagonist Kanata and his powers remind him of his own helplessness.

Gardula is the Knight Guardian of the Emperor. His swordsmanship is top class among the Imperial Army, and was inherited from his father. He is also a charismatic commander. As the right armor of Zemurod, he is investigating the “Lost” phenomenon occurring all over the world. He is the one witnessing Kanata as he regenerates his town affected by the Lost, and asks him to help.

We also see Ectit, which is Gardula’s own mecha. Its paradigm drive allows it to attack continuously without giving the enemy time to react.

In order to regenerate items swallowed by the Lost, it’s necessary to talk to people who experienced them, read books or similar actions, which can activate Kanata’s power. In addition, memories can be acquired by battling against monsters living in the area. Crystallized memories can also be found while traveling.

Kanata will meet many who have lost their homes or loved ones, and by using his powers he will be able to change their despair into hope.

One of the most important element affected by the Lost are powerful artifacts that support the people’s lifestyle. The world map shows marks of those artifacts, and by regenerating them with Kanata’s powers the range of the adventure will expand, on top of several bonuses that will be activated.

Those benefits include the increase of item drops, and bonuses in battle. Which artifacts you will regenerate will greatly influence Kanata’s journey.

On top of the info and screenshots, today ten minutes of PS4 gameplay were aired during GameStop Expo 2017 in Las Vegas, and you can see a recording below.

Incidentally, during the stream Square Enix teased that a surprise about the soundtrack is coming next week.

Lost Sphear will launch in Japan on October 12th, while North America and Europe will get the release on PS4, PC and Switch on January 23rd, 2018. If you want to know and see more, you can also check out a previous batch of screenshots and info.

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