How to Play and Win Rock, Paper, Scissors On Miitopia Switch?

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Miitopia is a bizarre role-playing video game developed and published by Nintendo for Nintendo 3DS. This week sees the rollout of Miitopia on the Nintendo Switch.

In Miitopia, Rock, Paper, Scissors is a minigame that you can play with a robot to earn money. The game is pretty simple, fun, and most importantly one of the swiftest ways to make money in the game.

Here is how to play and win Rock, Paper, Scissors on Miitopia Switch.

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Miitopia – A Pretty Barn Good Overview Trailer

Miitopia – A Pretty Barn Good Overview Trailer

Rock, Paper, Scissors Guide On Miitopia

How To Play?

You can play Rock, Paper, Scissors on Miitopia by spending Game Tickets and challenging the robot. This minigame can be accessed from the Inn arcade alongside the Roulette.

It will cost you one Game Ticket to start the game and you can keep on playing until you lose. Once you lose the round, you’ll need another Game Ticket to start a new game. If you manage to beat the robot, you win money for each round.

Game Rules

Here are a couple of things you should know before starting the game:

1. The reward money per round increases with the winning streak

This means that amount of money you receive from winning a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors in Miitopia increases as you progress through the game. The prize money starts at 500G and increases up to 10000G at later stages.

2. Consecutive wins ensure higher rewards

After winning a round of Rock, Paper, Scissors in Miitopia, you will be given a chance to double your rewards by continuing the game. If you win consecutive rounds, the money reward will be doubled for each win.

That being said, you can play up to 5 consecutive rounds in a row, and up to 16 times the reward amount that was offered initially. This means you can earn up to 160000G from one game ticket if you are “lucky” enough.

You can refer to this for a better understanding:

Image: Miitopia Fandom

3. Losing results in exiting the minigame with no rewards

Keep in mind that if you lose even once in the middle of your streak, you will lose all the prize money you have gathered so far!

How To Win Every Round Of Rock, Paper, Scissors On Miitopia Switch?

There is no guaranteed method of winning every round of rock-paper-scissors but several players have shared their strategies claiming it has helped them win consecutively.

miitopia rock paper scissors
Robot’s Hand Gestures

It is being suspected that the robot makes hand gestures before revealing its hand which hints at which move he’s going to use next. For instance:

  • Rock Gesture – Select the same move you played last previous
  • Finger Wave – Select the weakness of what you played in the previous round
  • Finger Curl – Play the strength of what you chose in the previous round
  • If it’s a tie – Select the same move you chose in the previous round

But I would suggest that you take these Miitopia Rock, Paper, Scissors hacks with a pinch of salt as they might not work for you.

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