How To Get All Wonder Weapons On Cold War Outbreak

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If you’ve just jumped into the new Outbreak mode in Cold War Season Two, you might be wondering how to get your hands on a Wonder Weapon. Fear not Zombie slayers, we have all the info you need on the Wonder Weapons in Outbreak. Make sure to check out all of the other DualShockers content for Outbreak!

What Is Outbreak?

With the launch of Season Two in Cold War, a brand new Zombies experience was introduced. Outbreak is a massive scale mode that requires squads of up to four Operators to work together to complete the mission. Outbreak is also connected to the Dark Aether story, for those that follow the story of Call of Duty Zombies, and don’t just jump in to kill some undead Nazis.

The objective for the four operators is to explore designated regions in the Outbreak zone, which is located around the Ural Mountains. Players must assist the Requiem division to complete their objectives. Once each experiment is completed, operators must either successfully exfiltrate the area or face even deadlier encounters. Enter the Dark Aether rifts to teleport to other regions and assist with even more objectives and Zombie chaos.

Outbreak Wonder Weapons

So far, we’ve discovered that there’s a total of three different Wonder Weapons that can be obtained in the new Outbreak mode. You’ll likely be familiar with the Wonder Weapons from Cold War Zombies and older Call of Duty games. Here are the three Wonder Weapons you can get in Outbreak:

  • D.I.E Shockwave 
  • RAIK-84
  • Ray Gun

How To Get All Wonder Weapons In Outbreak

Through our own experience at DualShockers, we have discovered four different ways to find the Wonder Weapons in Outbreak. If we discover any other way of obtaining the weapons, we’ll be sure to update this article.

The first way to get one of the three Wonder Weapons is based on being lucky, and hitting that mystery box a few times until one pops up. Of course, the mystery box is simply luck, and you could be stood waiting a while for a Wonder Weapon to pop up.

Next, you can get a Wonder Weapon by completing the trial challenges at the allocated challenge machines around the Outbreak map. You’ll need to complete a few different challenges to get to legendary, then once you’ve completed the legendary challenge you’ve got a high chance of being rewarded with a Wonder Weapon.

If those first two ways don’t tickle your fancy, the third way is by defeating Megaton Zombies. To find Megaton Zombies you’ll need to reach round four and have completed four main objectives, once you’ve done this they’ll start to spawn. Kill a few of the Megaton Zombies and they’ll likely drop a Wonder Weapon.

The final way we found, was through completing Golden Loot Chest challenges. You’ll need to find a Golden Chest, complete the challenge given to you, and the chest will have a chance of dropping a Wonder Weapon.

If you’ve found any other ways to unlock the Wonder Weapons in Outbreak, let us know in the comments!

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