How to Defeat Nihil in Warframe After His Returnal to the Game

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Originally announced during Nightwave: Series 3 – Glassmaker, Nihil is a serial killer who you’ve already defeated before if you are regular Warframe player. According to the game’s latest patch notes, the villain is set to return to the game once again and players will receive rewards through defeating the Nihil Warframe boss, regardless whether they have defeated him before.

How to Start the Fight?

In order to enter the battle arena, you are going to need to objects: The Nihil Oubliette and the Nihil Key. Both objects can be acquired from Nora Night. Once you placed the Nihil Oubliette in your Orbiter, you will need to interact with it with the Nihil Key, and then you will find yourself in a battle against Glassmaker.

How to Defeat the Nihil Warframe Boss?

During the fight against Nihil, you will have access to no weapons. In fact, you should use Nihil’s weapons against himself. The first advice is to keep yourself away from Nihil’s sword as it will kill you instantly once it hits you. During the battle, you will realize that Nihil shoots some shards at you, and if you manage to dodge you can collect those shards and use them against Nihil, but not now.

First, you need to destroy the gem-like crystals floating in the air with the shards you collect. Once you destroyed all the gems, now you should shoot the shards toward Nihil and you will see that his health bar changes. You will need to repeat the same steps for three phases and then Nihil will be defeated.

If you have already defeated Nihil, you will receive Riven Mod as reward, but if it’s your first-time ever to kill him, then you will be rewarded by the Vitrica heavy blade.

Warframe is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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