Hitman 3 Players on PC Will Have Some Difficulties for Transferring Their Progress from Hitman 2

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When it comes to the publishing rights, Hitman‘s The World of Assassination trilogy has quite a complicated story. The first game in the trilogy was launched by Square Enix in 2016, then, after IOI’s departure from the Japanese giant, Hitman 2 was released by Warner Bros. Interactive, and now, Hitman 3 will be self-published by the developer of the game next week. This surely brings up some problems for progression transferring.

As you may know, Hitman III will be launched exclusively on the Epic Games Store, but the problem is Hitman 2 is not available on EGS, which brings up a serious problem for players who want to get the locations of Hitman 2 in Hitman 3.

Everyone who pre-orders or buys Hitman III in the first 10 days of launch on Epic Games Store will receive an Access Pass for Hitman GOTY Edition in Hitman 3, which allows you to import all missions and locations from the former to the latter. If you already own Hitman 1 on EGS – whether you have already purchased it or claimed it when it was free on the platform – you will earn the Access Pass of it in Hitman 3 even if you decide to buy the latest entry of the trilogy in over 10 days after launch.

On the other hand, things are a little bit complicated for Hitman 2. No matter whether you already have Hitman 2 on PC or not, you will have to purchase an Access Pass for it if you want to get its missions and locations in Hitman III. As IO Interactive explains, Hitman 2 Access Pass – Standard and Gold – will be hit by an 80% discount in the first two weeks of Hitman 3‘s launch and it will receive regular discounts after that period as well.

Fortunately, if you already played Hitman 2 on PC, at least you will be able to carry over your progress to Hitman 3 after you buy an Access Pass. In order to do this, you first need to link your Steam account to your IOI account and then transfer your progression from Hitman 2 to Hitman 3 on EGS. Make sure to do so before starting your journey in Hitman 3. If you begin playing Hitman 3 and then decide to transfer your Hitman 2 progress into the newer entry, all your progress in Hitman 3 will be removed.

In the end, it’s worth noting that console players won’t have any of the problems above and the process will almost get done automatically for them if they play Hitman III in the same console family as Hitman 1 and/or Hitman 2.

Hitman 3 will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, Stadia, and PC. You can pre-load it now on Xbox consoles.

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