Genshin Impact Lithic Spear – Should You Pull For It?

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You’ve heard the news by now, miHoYo published the details of the next Epitome Invocation, the new weapon banner coming to Genshin Impact (PC, PS4, PS5, Mobile, release date TBA for Switch), with new weapons: the Staff of Homa, the Lithic Blade, and the Lithic Spear.

The Staff of Homa is a new five star Polearm and is pretty interesting for your characters if you go with HP Artifacts builds. The Lithic Blade is good if you have an all Liyue characters party. The Lithic Spear, which we’ll focus on in this short guide, has the same effects as the Lithic Blade.

The new weapon gacha banner in Genshin Impact will go from February 23 to March 16. Here are all the details on the Lithic Spear, one of the new featured weapons in the banner.

Genshin Impact – Lithic Spear Details

The Lithic Spear is a four star Polearm weapon. It has a very interesting aspect if you plan to build a party exclusively with Liyue characters.

First, Lithic Spear, just like Lithic Blade, has an ATK % as its base stat. At level 90, Lithic Spear has a Base ATK of 565, and its ATK % innate stat is at 27.6%. This is much lower than the Lithic Blade, but it follows the same pattern as all Polearms. As Polearm characters have more hits in their normal attack combos.

Secondly, for every character in your party from Liyue Harbor, the Lithic Spear gains a 7% ATK increase and a 3% Crit Rate increase. The character equipping the Lithic Spear themselves count as well. Meaning you can go up to a bonus of 28% ATK and 12% Crit Rate. If you manage to pull five Lithic Spear and refine it, the effect will be greatly enhanced as well.

Xiangling is a free character. The Lithic Spear is definitely a great choice for her if you also have three other Liyue characters to form a party with.

The Lithic Spear will only be obtainable until March 17. As we previously stated, it’s likely that by then miHoYo will have revealed the version 1.4 Genshin Impact stream. Which means possible new character(s) getting revealed. It’ll be best to wait until March 16 to pull, and see if any of the new characters could benefit from having a Lithic Spear or not.

You can also read our guide on the Lithic Blade if you want some tips for it.

Genshin Impact February – March Weapon Banner

Genshin Impact currently has a simple clicker web event, Wish Upon a Lantern, ongoing till February 25. It’s really straightforward and you don’t need a guide for it as you simply need to read the instructions inside.

Genshin Impact Version 1.3 launched on February 3. The next update should be happening in around six weeks after that date. miHoYo did not announce the release date of Version 1.4 yet, nor disclose any of its contents. Some leaks about Version 1.4 content have been making the rounds. We recently explained how and where the Genshin Impact leaks come from. The latest video of Lumi N0va, miHoYo’s VTuber, is also linked to Genshin Impact.

Last but not least, I’ll advise you as always to avoid pulling on weapon banners altogether. It’s always better to save Primogems for characters in my opinion. Though at least the Lithic Spear is a four star weapon, so it’s easier to get.

In case you missed it, miHoYo gifted several pieces of hardware to its staff for the Chinese new year. Lastly, be sure to check all the dates and times for the ongoing and upcoming Lantern Rite Festival events.

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