Genki’s ‘Covert Switch Dock’ Is Now Available For Purchase

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Just under a year ago, video game peripheral maker Genki announced the Kickstarter campaign for their next product: the Covert Dock. Touted as the ‘most coveted Switch accessory,’ the Genki dock makes a simple promise: it’s a portable dock and wall charger. The size of any standard AC to USB adapter, it provides almost everything that the official Nintendo branded dock does.

Featuring a USB type c plugin, an HDMI plugin and a USB 3.1 plugin, the Covert Dock can do nearly everything the normal one can, just at one-tenth of the size. The device still has a lot to prove, however. Genki promises that it won’t damage or brick the Switch as other third-party docks have in the past, and considering an engineer from the company that designed the dock has been featured in Ars Technica to talk about why third-party docks used to damage everyone’s favorite handheld-console hybrid, you’re probably in safe hands.

Much like its name suggests, the covert dock actually has something to hide as well. Not only does it function as a dock for your Nintendo Switch, but it also acts as an AC to USB type c and USB 3.1 catch-all. Not only can it fast charge most USB type c devices, but it can also devices that use USB type c, like a Macbook, to a TV via HDMI and various USB-compatible devices, like a flash drive or a mouse.

Users beware, however. Genki provides no information about whether or not the Covert Dock ships with the necessary chords and parts in order to connect the Switch with a TV.

The Covert Dock will set you back $74.99 with free shipping for US residents. If Genki’s promises are more than just hot air, this dock will be a must-have for transient Switch owners, especially once quarantine is over.

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