Frozenbyte Announces Starbase – A New Space MMO With Fully Destructible Environments

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Frozenbyte – the team behind the popular Trine series – is throwing their hat into the MMO market with the upcoming Starbase. This new MMO will let players build their own spaceships, explore the vastness of space, and be whatever kind of intergalactic captain they’d like. The devs are also promising the universe will be “fully destructible and infinitely expanding”. Check out the announce trailer below.

Starbase is an MMO first and foremost. You will be interacting with thousands of other players as you explore the vastness of space. Frozenbyte is claiming the universe in Starbase is infinite, which could make finding players a chore. However, the game does feature two rival factions and allows players to build gigantic space stations, so I’m sure finding someone to play with won’t be a problem.

In addition to those huge space stations, players can customize their own spaceships. In Starbase, the game models and uses everything down to a single bolt. Thus, building your own ship can be an incredibly creative endeavor. This level of fine-tuning should mean that we’ll see some truly incredible ship designs coming out once the game releases.

Unfortunately, all your hard work can be wiped out with one small mistake. Everything in the game, including your ship, is fully destructible. The game does have ways of getting around this but expect to spend some time repairing your ship if you don’t navigate carefully.

If, for some reason, you don’t want to play with friends. Starbase does feature a sandbox mode that lets you explore on your own. You can also invite a select group of friends into sandbox mode, meaning you can play without the threat of griefers.

Starbase is coming to the PC via early access later this year.

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