Free Dinka Verus and Overflod Tyrant Featured in GTA Weekly Update

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Very few games find the success that GTA Online has found. The game launched back in 2013 and has been widely popular ever since, receiving frequent updates and events year-round. To celebrate another record-breaking year, RockStar announced that all players will be receiving a free two-seat off-road vehicle, the Dinka Verus.

The Dinka Verus is good for just about any terrain you might find yourself crossing throughout the massive world of GTA Online. According to the press release, the four-wheeler can withstand “a barrage of brutal rolls, savage spins, and implausibly catastrophic head-ons.” That said because the driver is exposed, you should be careful in case you go flying.

Because it’s a two-seater, however, the Dinka Verus is the perfect vehicle for tag team jobs no matter the terrain. Players can grab the off-roader for free through March 3 by heading to the Warstock Cache & Carry.

Another addition to GTA Online this week is the beautiful Overflod Tyrant. The Tyrant is available through February 24 at the Diamond Casino & Resort. Unlike the Dinka Verus, however, you can’t just walk in and claim it. As this week’s top prize podium item, the Tyrant must be won. If you want it, you’re going to have to spin The Lucky Wheel.

The Overflod Tyrant is a high-speed, good-looking sports car that in-game car collectors will be wild for. If you’re lucky enough to snag it, you’ll roll up to your heists in style and bolt as fast as you arrived. It’s going to be a hot item for a while so make sure you play for it before it disappears after February 24.

A small bonus you can claim as a thank you is the free Dinka Tee that you’ll get just for logging in.

For more on GTA Online, make sure to check out our coverage of RockStar’s recent statement about its focus on single-player modes and what that might mean for the online game.

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