Fortnite: The Pit Code, Challenges, Rewards and Start Time

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The sun may be too hot in many places right now but in Fortnite, The Cosmic Summer event is still pumping. The Pit creative LTM has lots to offer those up for a challenge.

There’s always something happening in the world of Fortnite so boredom is rarely an option. Whether it’s a new patch note fix that was affecting Crew Members or the Marvel crossover, the free to play title has always got something to cater to all of its players.

Cosmic Summer Comes To The Fortnite Island

Cosmic Summer Comes To The Fortnite Island

If you’re looking for a creative LTM to sink your teeth into and to end out the hectic Cosmic Summer with a bang, Epic Games promises that ‘The Pit Challenge’ will be right up the street for those who love to show off their building skills to get the upper hand on their opponents.

How To Join Fortnite’s The Pit Creative LMT

Once the LMT goes live, which you can find the times further on in the article, players can jump into the action by following these simple instructions.

  • Press the ‘Creative’ option on the Fortnite menu
  • To get to the ‘Creative’ menu, press ‘Change’ and then hit ‘Play’
  • From there, select the Island Code, enter the code “4590-4493-7113”, press “Launch” and that’s you in the game! Easy.

What Time does The Pit LMT start at?

Fortnite‘s The Pit challenges will go live on July 1st at 9:00 a.m. ET, according to the game’s status on Twitter. Players will have until July 5th to enjoy all of the activities.

The Pit’s Challenges and Rewards

There are four challenges altogether for players to take part in. While the first three shouldn’t be too hard for those who have spend a lot of time in Fortnite to complete, the fourth and final one might take a little practice, especially if you’re not the best sniper in the world.

  • Build structures in The Pit – 0/500
  • Destroy structures in The Pit – 0/500
  • Eliminate players with five different types of weapons in a single The Pit match – 0/5
  • Get headshots in The Pit – 0/50

If you manage to complete all of these challenges, not only will you recieve 105,000 XP towards your Battle Pass, you will also pick up cosmetic rewards that include the Brain Freeze Whirlberry, Stellar Sipper, Marshmallets and Cloud Llama Board Golden Wave.

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