Fortnite Action Figures from Jazwares; Check Out the New Toys Dropping into Stores This Holiday Season

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Ever since the release of Fortnite‘s growingly-popular battle royale mode, which has now reached over 200 million players worldwide as of this week, it was only a matter of time before Fortnite took over real life outside of the popular game. That time has finally arrived as the first wave of toys and action figures from Jazwares will arrive in stores for the holiday season.

At a preview event in New York City, we got to take a sneak peek at the upcoming line of Fortnite action figures, toys, and other merchandise coming to stores this holiday season from Jazwares, which has previously made toys adapted from other games and franchises such as Sonic the HedgehogMinecraft, and many more.

The base part of the collection revolves around a variety of 4″ action figures based on many of the most popular Fortnite characters and skins, such as the Valentine’s Day Teddy Bear skin, Drift, and many more. The toy line also includes several versions of the lovable Loot Llama, as both a plushie and a paper mache version that includes building materials.

Aside from the figurines, each of the toys also comes with a variety of building materials that allow you create some of the different objects in-game, such as crates and platforms. Separate kits also include a heavier emphasis on building that will allow kids and families to create more substantial structures and forts to their own liking, with the pieces snapping together easily.

The line of Fortnite toys from Epic Games and Jazwares will start hitting retailers on December 1, 2018 – for a closer look at what to expect from the collection, you can check out the gallery of images below:

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