Five Controllers Even Weirder Than PS5’s Banana Controller

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Sony has been making some big waves in recent weeks. Between hardware announcements, game reveal trailers, and the recent State of Play, things have been looking pretty solid for them. Now seems to be the time for them to take a risk and get a little wacky. First reported by, Sony has filed for a patent application that would have them turn bananas into controllers. I’m serious. Okay—the patent isn’t only for fruit use, it can be for other common household items like mugs and cups, but the images in the patent application are of a banana and it’s pretty funny. While the PS5 banana controller is fun, it’s not the first of its kind. Here are five controllers ever weirder than whatever banana apparatus Sony has in store.

1. Pomegranate Controller

The pomegranate isn’t a fruit I typically associate with gaming, it’s hardly one I think about at all. However, streamer Rudeism was able to cut one up into 10 pieces and hook it up to his computer. Using the pulpy mess, he was able to not only play DualShockers’ 2020 Game of the Year Hades, but he was able to beat it. Despite multiple controller malfunctions (again, he was playing on a pomegranate), he pulled off an incredible escape.

2. DOOM Piano

Understanding the DOOM Piano is pretty straightforward: it’s a piano that you can play DOOM on. Using some clever wiring David Hayward, Sos Sosowski, Die Gute Fabrik’s George Buckenham, and Ricky Haggett were able to bind certain piano keys to game inputs. All the player has to do is sit at the bench and hit the correct keys. It’s almost like a very long keyboard that plays music when you play games.

3. Ice Cube Controller

Streamer and YouTuber Super Louis 64 is no stranger to the land of weird controllers. Regularly attempting challenge runs of games on his Twitch and YouTube channels, he is constantly pushing the boundaries about what a controller actually is. He asked the question “can I beat Dark Souls 3 before my controller made out of ice cubes completely melts?” The answer was, disappointingly, no, or as he puts it in his video, “I don’t think so y’all.” Despite the failure of the run itself, the creation of an ice cube controller is a win enough for me.

 4. Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Controller

The only officially licensed controller on this list, the RE4 chainsaw controller is bizarre. It’s a good-looking collector’s item, but it’s definitely not designed for comfort or easy use. Its sharp angles hurt hands and poor button placement made it a challenge to actually use for gaming. While not a particularly good controller, it’s still wild that it was ever made in the first place.

5. An Actual Banana Controller

No crazy controller list would be complete without Super Louis 64’s banana controller that he used to beat Dark Souls 3 with on multiple occasions. Using eight separate bananas in a setup similar to Rudeism’s pomegranate controller, Super Louis 64 mapped a handful of different buttons to all his bananas. Despite not being able to turn the camera, he finished the soul-crushing game with relative ease. It’s curious if the banana controller for the PS5 took any inspiration from Super Louis.

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