Fishing Master Finally Gets a Release Date; Demo Now Available

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This week, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that a new fishing VR game title Fishing Master would be making its way to their console later this month. In preparation for the game’s upcoming release, the studio has launched a demo for those interested in trying out the game.

Similar to other fishing titles, Fishing Master allows players to enjoy the activity without having to leave the comforts of their home. By utilizing the PlayStation Move controllers as well as the VR headset, you can fish to your heart content, virtually of course.

The title features photo-realistic scenery; offering 12 different sites including well-known locations such as the Golden Gate Bridge, the icy waters of the Arctic, as well as the scenic views of Lake Geneva in the Alps. Additionally, the game offers over 200 different species of fish that have their own unique behaviors and AI. On top of that, there are fifty different tools featured to help you become an expert fisherman.

If you are interested in test running the game you can download the demo via the PlayStation StoreFishing Master is set to launch on October 24 exclusively as a PlayStation VR title. Check out the announcement trailer as well as some gameplay footage below.

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