Final Fantasy XV Uses Checkerboard Resolution on Xbox One X; Will Support Windows Sonic on PC

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Final Fantasy XV will be among the games that will be updated for Xbox One X after the console will be released on November 7th, but it wasn’t known whether the console would run the game at native or upscaled 4K resolution, until now.

During a cat at PAX East, DualShockers asked Director Hajime Tabata about the differences between the game running on Xbox One X and the Windows Edition for PC.

Tabata-san explained that the game will support native 4K on PC, while on Xbox One X it will run natively at 3K resolution (3072 x 1728 pixels, or 1800p) and will then upscale to 4K via checkerboard technology, which is the same solution adopted on “high” visual settings on PS4 Pro.

The Windows Edition will also support the Nvidia Gameworks tech, including physics simulation, that has been embedded into the Luminous Engine. It will also include support for Windows Sonic, which is a proprietary spatial sound tech for Windows 10. This also inherently includes support for Dolby Atmos hardware.

If you’re curious, you can check out the first images of the game on Xbox One X, and read a clarification about the tease that indicated the possibility of a Nintendo Switch port.

In the meanwhile, Square Enix is continuing to update Final Fantasy XV for both PS4 and Xbox One, and they recently released patch 1.15and the Assassin’s Festival crossover event ib collaboration with the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

[Original interview: Jordan Loeffler]

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