Final Fantasy Dimensions II Launches With New Trailer and Details

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Square Enix launched their newest mobile endeavor Final Fantasy Dimensions II today for iOS and Android users.

Final Fantasy Dimensions II tells the story of Morrow and Aemo who have embarked on a journey through time, which will lead them across multiple world in the past and present. Sound a little familiar? Final Fantasy Dimensions II was developed by game director Takashi Tokita, who previously worked on an older time traveling RPG Chrono Trigger as well as Final Fantasy IV.

Final Fantasy Dimensions II aims to bring nostalgic RPG game mechanics to mobile devices for older fans of the genre, along with giving a new generation to experience retro RPG systems.

In Final Fantasy Dimensions II players will learn about the “Signet Stone” system, items that can summon Eidolons that have appeared throughout the Final Fantasy series. Additionally, players will be able to train and level up over 300 of these stones, each of which is customizable for battle.

Lastly, clearing the game will give players access to game design illustration and art, as well as the option to sample music from the soundtrack created by Naoshi Mizuta (Final Fantasy XI).

Final Fantasy Dimensions II is available now for iOS and Android devices for $14.99.

You can check out the launch trailer below:

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