FIFA 22 SBC Solutions for Hybrid Nations Challenges

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FIFA 22 Early Access is now out and the first SBC challenges are available, for which we have collected some nice and cheap solutions.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is now available through the limited-time EA Play on PC and consoles. The Early Access build seems to be pretty solid as the first Team of the Week cards and Squad Building Challenges are already out.

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In this guide, we have collected some cheap solutions for the Hybrid Nations SBCs, thanks to an incredibly helpful video from ELYYT on YouTube.

FIFA 22 | Powered by PS5 ft. New ICONS Reveal

FIFA 22 | Powered by PS5 ft. New ICONS Reveal

FIFA 22 Hybrid Nations SBC Solutions

The Final Four

  • Requirement:
    • Countries: Exactly 4
    • Players from same country/region: Max. 4
    • Players from one club: Max. 4
    • Rare players: Min. 4
    • Team OVR rating: Min. 70
    • Team Chemistry: Min. 80

For this one, you can probably count on the rare bronze players from your starter pack. However, the rule of thumb is to get as many bronze rare cards as you can, and then fix the Overall with some gold cards.

You might think using Silver cards could be cheaper, but with many players trying to solve the SBC challenges right now, you will find some gold cards even cheaper than silver cards at the moment.

So the strategy is to have four bronze players from the same country and then get four gold players from the same country with Overalls of above 70, and finally get three gold players from the same club with two different countries at least.

Six of the Best

  • Requirement:
    • Countries: Exactly 6
    • Players from same country/region: Max. 3
    • Players from one club: Max. 3
    • Team OVR rating: Min. 75
    • Team Chemistry: Min. 85

In order to make this one cheaper, you might be able to use a few silver cards, but only if you can find any of them in your starter pack; otherwise, we suggest building the squad with gold players in the same formula as the previous challenge.

You will need to have three players from the same country. Multiply this by 2, meaning you would have 2 groups of players each having 3 cards with a similar country.

Also, you’d better use three players from a similar club, you can do this with a team from the Turkish Superleague.

The two remaining players are advised to be from a similar region/country.

Elite Eight

  • Requirement:
    • Countries: Exactly 8
    • Players from same country/region: Max. 2
    • Players from one club: Max. 3
    • Rare players: Min. 5
    • Player Quality: Exactly Gold
    • Team Chemistry: Min. 88

For this one, you will need to build a squad from a single league as chemistry matters the most. There are a bunch of leagues like Netherlands’ Eredivisie, Portugal’s Primeira Liga, France’s League 1, and even Turkey’s Superleague that could give you what you actually need for this SBC.

All cards should be gold, and you are not eligible to have more than two players from the same country. So, try to have at least three pairs of players from similar countries as it would guarantee your 88 chemistry to a high degree if you manage to place them well in the squad.

Also, try to have at least two pairs of players with a similar club. Hopefully, the Team Overall is not a factor in this challenge so you should be able to lower the price as much as you can by deeply searching different teams.

Around the World

  • Requirement:
    • Countries: Exactly 10
    • Rare players: Min. 8
    • Team OVR rating: Min. 81
    • Team Chemistry: Min. 100

This is the most expensive squad that you are going to build. Most players for this challenge should be rated around 80. Again, you should pick the squad from a single league, and it should be a top one.

While the Premier League would be an easy choice, the prices for some players could be sky-high. So, we suggest you build this squad with cards from Spain’s La Liga or France’s League 1.

Since you need exactly 10 countries, you wouldn’t be able to pick players from a similar country, however, you can increase the chemistry by having at least two pairs of players each featuring cards from a similar club.

FIFA 22 will be officially launched on October 1 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch, Stadia, and PC.

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