Fictorum Casts Itself onto PC August 9; Receives Batch of New Screenshots

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Developer Scraping Bottom Games revealed today that its will be bringing Fictorum, its magical action RPG, to PC via Steam, GOG, and Game Jolt on August 9 of this year. They also released a few new gameplay screenshots to commemorate this announcement.

In Fictorum, players take control of a wizard who is the only remaining survivor of the titular magical order. The game is set in a theocratic empire that tries to oppress those who use magic, so players must fight that crushing inquisition with a variety of magical powers, eventually taking on the Grand Inquisitor.

The player’s array of powers are incredibly varied, as one has the ability to do things like call down flaming meteors, create pillars of lighting, and cast lighting that chains onto multiple enemies. Runes can also be applied to spells, and can radically change how a spell is used in order to deal with a unique situation. For example, players can augment a regular plasma attack with a rune in order to create a homing, explosive ball of plasma-induced destruction.

Fictorum also features a procedurally generated world map with destructible environments for players to explore. Players will also have to make decisions that can change how much opposition they face and what loot they are able to find.

You can check out the screenshots of the game alongside its last gameplay trailer below. Fictorum will come out on PC August 9. There is currently no word on a console release.

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