Earthfall Gets Massive Invasion Update for Free Across All Systems

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Holospark’s frantic four-player shooter Earthfall has just received a whopping new update that packs new weapons, skins, maps, and a whole lot more.

Invasion is the biggest update to hit Earthfall so far. Earlier this year the Inferno update brought with it a new level along with some new weaponry to dispatch your alien enemies with. This time around however, Invasion brings an entirely new progression system to the forefront along with a new horde mode. There are also four new maps to repel the interstellar threat in.

Those desperate to get hands-on and battle the hordes up close will be happy to know that they’ll now be even more armed and dangerous than before with an additional grenade and a pair of Akimbo MP5s sub-machine guns which can which can be dual-wielded for double damage.

On top of this, there are also new outfits available for your avatars, and a number of new skins to personalize your firearms with.

Earthfall is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The co-op first-person shooter can also be purchased through Amazon. The new Invasion update featuring everything listed above, and more, is available now for free. You can see what the update in action via the new trailer below.

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