Earth Defense Force 2017 & Sonic Adventure 2 Now Available on Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

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Since its introduction in 2015, Xbox One’s lineup of backwards compatible titles has expanded console owners’ libraries to include the greatest hits from the past few generations of systems, with two more titles having been announced for the system today.

Microsoft’s Larry Hryb (aka “Major Nelson”) has announced that Earth Defense Force 2017 and Sonic Adventure 2 are now available as of today through backwards compatibility on the system, allowing those with either a physical or digital version to access the games in their full glory (at least in the case for Earth Defense Force 2017, since Sonic Adventure 2 was only released digitally through XBLA).

After launching in November 2015, backwards compatibility on Xbox One has proven to be a very popular feature of the console, with the total number of backwards compatible titles on the platform getting near 400 titles at this point in time, with support for a selection of original Xbox titles have been added just within the past few months.

Personally, both of these titles are ones I’m pretty excited to revisit, as Earth Defense Force 2017 was often seen as a cult classic during the 360-generation, while Sonic Adventure 2 is a nostalgic classic that I love going back to every once in a while (mostly to hear the “City Escape” music on repeat over and over again. Don’t judge me).

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