Dynasty Warriors 9 Coming Early 2018 in Japan, Alongside New PS4 Variant

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Revealed at the 2017 PlayStation Press Conference in Japan, developer Koei Tecmo showed off a brand new trailer for musou game, Dynasty Warriors 9. At the end of the trailer, the develoepr dropped two keys news tidbits: the game will be coming out Early 2018 and there will be a brand new, sleek PS4 version which you can see above.

The brand new PS4 version is a typical black color, this time sporting the logo for Dynasty Warriors 9 proudly on the front. Dynasty Warriors 9 has received a bevy of new information lately with a load of new character reveals in the recent weeks as well as packs of new screenshots.

As mentioned above, Dynasty Warriors 9 will launch this year in Japan exclusively for PS4 in Early 2018, while the English version will be on a wider variet of platforms, and will release at a yet unspecified time for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Check out the Tokyo Game Show trailer (below) courtesy of YouTuber XCageGame:

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