DualShockers’ Gamescom 2017 Awards — Monster Hunter World and BioMutant Win Top Honors

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Gamescom 2017 has come and gone, and like every year, it’s time to honor the games that according to us, and according to you, stood out among the rather rich pack.

Do keep in mind that no award is every objective, so it’s perfectly ok if you disagree with our choices. As a matter of fact, feel free to post your own preferences in the comments at the bottom of the post: the more the merrier.

Now grab a cup of coffee, sit comfortably, and let’s talk about games.

Reader’s Choice Game of the Show: Monster Hunter World

Also Best PS4 Game and Best RPG.

Monster Hunter World marks the return of a mainline chapter of the franchise to home consoles, and if you exclude remasters from 3DS, it has been a long time coming.

Quite obviously, our readers appreciated, and the game won by quite the margin thanks to its beautiful visuals, the impressive living and breathing world, and gameplay that, at lest for what we could try, is really a whole lot of fun, mixing tradition and quite a few interesting innovations.

As usual, the Reader’s Choice Game of the Show Award is considered our top honor, even above our own Game of the Show. There are a lot more of you than there are of us, so your combined votes definitely hold a lot more weight, crowning Monster Hunter World our overall winner for Gamescom 2017.

Game of the Show: BioMutant

DualShockers’ Gamescom 2017 Awards — Monster Hunter World and BioMutant Win Top Honors

BioMutant by Experiment 101 came in from the left field, and charmed many with its lush world, interesting gameplay and beautiful visuals, not to mention the rather charming and furry protagonist.

Many among our staff were indeed charmed, and it ended up receiving the most votes. While it did not quite make it to the top of the Reader’s Choice as well, it was still quite popular among you all.

Best Xbox One Game: Forza Motorsort 7

DualShockers’ Gamescom 2017 Awards — Monster Hunter World and BioMutant Win Top Honors

Also Best First Party Game and Best Racing Game.

Forza Motorsport impresses once more with fantastic visuals, exhilarating driving gameplay and a metric ton of cars and options.

The new weather feature is probably one of the most exciting features of the upcoming game, and it’s hard to do a lap without being impressed by both graphics and gameplay.

Best PC Game: Age of Empire: Definitive Edition 

DualShockers’ Gamescom 2017 Awards — Monster Hunter World and BioMutant Win Top Honors

Also Best Strategy Game.

The Age of Empires franchise is one of the most beloved among PC gamers, and it’s coming back in style, with new visuals, new music and other enhancements. Age of Empires is one of the best games of all time, and we can’t wait to play it again.

To make it even more sweeter, this glorious returns will culminate with Age of Empires 4, developed by Relic. What’s not to love?

Best Switch Game: Super Mario Odyssey

DualShockers’ Gamescom 2017 Awards — Monster Hunter World and BioMutant Win Top Honors

Also Best Platformer.

Super Mario is back, and this time he comes with a companion hat, for good measure. As usual, Nintendo manages to make its console look more powerful than it is, thanks to crisp and super-clean visuals.

Of course, the gameplay is smooth as silk, making this a game to watch at the end of the year.

Best 3DS Game: Metroid: Samus Returns

matroid samus returns

One of the most beloved heroines of the history of Nintendo returns in what could very well be the swan song of the 3DS… Unless Nintendo really plans to juggle its portable with the Switch for several years to come.

That being said, a new Metroid is also coming to the Switch, so there is more to look forward to in 2018.

Best PS Vita Game: Demon Gaze II

DualShockers’ Gamescom 2017 Awards — Monster Hunter World and BioMutant Win Top Honors

While the PS Vita is probably well past its swan song, at least in the west, NIS America is still holding the fort alongside a handful of publishers and indie developers.

This is for them all. May the horn of Helm’s Deep echo across the valley next year as well.

Best Mobile Game: Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV

Also Best Expansion/DLC and Biggest Shocker! Special Award

Final Fantasy XV continues to impress with its flexibility and with the dedication its team is putting into expanding its universe. While the PC version was a no-brainer, a mobile game was certainly unexpected. The “Comrades” multiplayer expansion also proved to be much more interesting than many initially thought, not to mention as gorgeous as ever.

The slew of new platforms also triggers our Biggest Shocker! Special Award, that comes in no small measure due to the “Twitch/Switch” tease and the Assassin’s Creed free DLC. Oh you! Tabata-san.

Best Indie Game: Fe 

DualShockers’ Gamescom 2017 Awards — Monster Hunter World and BioMutant Win Top Honors

It’s hard to describe just how charming Fe is. The game looks beautiful and appears to play like a dream, quite appropriately, given the style. Its main character is also totally adorable, pretty much like his predecessor, Yarnie.

The world of Fe is big and scary, but also somehow uplifting and calming at the same time.

Best Shooter: Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II

While the first game had several flaws that hindered its reception, DICE Seems to be putting in a great effort to address them in the sequel.

In particular, if the starfighter ace is your personal Star Wars fantasy, the new Starfighter Assault mode will satisfy that thirst, and then some. Now, if only we could have a new X-wing Vs. Tie Fighter

Best Fighting Game: Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

While Giuseppe is sulking because the game’s producer ruthlessly humiliated him during a match (and he’s training really hard for a rematch at Tokyo Game Show), Dissidia Final Fantasy NT delivers on a promise made two years ago, bringing to PS4 one of the best arcade fighting games available in Japan.

Final Fantasy fans are in for a treat, but even those who don’t particularly care for the franchise might find in the technical gameplay something to look forward to.

Best Sports Game: FIFA 18

DualShockers’ Gamescom 2017 Awards — Monster Hunter World and BioMutant Win Top Honors

FIFA 18 may not be a revolution from its predecessor, but it’s certainly a great evolution. Smooth gameplay is complemented by great graphics thanks to Frostbite.

That being said, a special mention should be given to the Switch version, that despite not benefiting from EA’s advanced engine, looks surprisingly good.

Best Virtual Reality Game: Ace Combat 7

Ace Combat 7

It’s kind of hard to place Ace Combat 7 among our other awards. There are so few air combat games nowadays, that we simply don’t have a category for it. Yet, it’s virtual reality feature is simply perfect for PlayStation VR by virtue of its simplicity.

You don’t have to deal with movement gimmicks, shortcuts and massive suspension of disbelief that is often required by other VR games, and it’s just you, the sky, and tons of missiles.

On top of that, it’s standard-screen gameplay is even better, so what’s not to love?

Best Action/Adventure: Assassin’s Creed Origins

Assassin's Creed Origins

Considering the many RPG elements added to this new chapter of the franchise, this game almost ended up competing with Monster Hunter. The new combat and the enormous, rich and super-detailed world make Assassin’s Creed Origins a sight to behold.

When Giuseppe delivered the award in the hands of Director Ashraf Ismail, our News Editor mentioned that this has the potential to be better than Black Flag, and Ismail certainly seemed pleased. That’s unsurprising, considering that it’s probably the best compliment we can give until the final game is in our greedy hands.

Best Competitive Game: Battlefield 1 Incursions

DualShockers’ Gamescom 2017 Awards — Monster Hunter World and BioMutant Win Top Honors

We’d love to show you why the new Incursions mode of Battlefield 1 deserves our Best Competitive Game award, but we can’t, because the gameplay is still under embargo.

So you’ll just have to take our word for it: It’s fast, tight, and really tense, changing the game radically, exactly like it should.

Best Online Game: Black Desert Online (Xbox One Version)

Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online is without a single doubt the most gorgeous MMORPG available on nowadays Its detailed characters, the wonderful open world, and the giant cities make it an explorer’s dream.

It also comes with plenty mechanics that innovate on the usual MMORPG formula. On top of that, it certainly contributes to bringing some much needed diversity to the Xbox One lineup.

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