Dragon Quest Builders 2 Online Multiplayer Mode Gets First Screenshots, Even More Details

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Today, Square Enix updated the official site for Dragon Quest Builders 2: Destruction God Malroth and the Empty Island, showing for the first time the online multiplayer mode that was detailed a few days ago.

Multiplayer will only unlock after reaching a certain point in the game’s story. The mode is limited to four players simultaneously. The PS4 version’s multiplayer mode is online only, while the Switch version lets you play multiplayer mode online and on local with friends who also own a console and the game.

As previously stated, all four players can ride a vehicle at the same time, and these vehicles are much faster than traveling on foot, so it’s perfect to go explore with your friends.

While you customize your character as you start the game and choose between the male or female hero, as you play multiplayer you’ll be able to redo all this, including switching genders. There’s many customizing options and accessories as well.

You can check all the screenshots below. More gameplay was revealed for the game a few days ago, when they also announced a demo for the game will release soon. You can also check more gameplay shown at Tokyo Game Show 2018 back in September. You can also check the game’s latest trailer, read about the game’s farming system, and how to move NPCs around islands.

I’m looking forward to the game as it may be a good replacement until the Bokujou Monogatari/Story of Seasons series releases for Switch.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 releases for Switch and PS4 on December 20th in Japan. The game wasn’t announced in the west yet but Square Enix will definitely bring it over. The first Dragon Quest Builders came over in the west too, for PS4, PS Vita, and Nintendo Switch. If you want to know more, you can read our review of the Switch version.

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