Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Explains Its Sidequests, Skill Tree System, and More in a New Gameplay Trailer

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Bandai Namco released a new gameplay trailer for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, explaining the game’s systems. Only a Japanese version of the trailer is available but luckily we’re here to summarize it. Though, to be honest, nothing really new is shown as it recaps most of the systems revealed so far.

The trailer reintroduces every gameplay system in the game. Starting with how Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is an RPG where any of your actions contributes to making your character stronger. Eating, completing quests, raising your friendship levels with side characters, training and fighting will all make your party stronger. When it comes to eating in particular, you’ll get temporary stat boosts, and you can get the best boost by eating Chichi’s cooking. Which always makes me laugh because of the Chichi stays in the kitchen out of context vibe you can get out of this.  Though as I said in the past, it’s true they actually haven’t revealed a single female playable character yet.

The trailer also explains the training system, which is organized by battles of various difficulties. Clearing these training battles makes you unlock new ultimate moves, like Vegeta’s Final Flash. In-game, the training system is explained as the characters doing image training, hence why they can fight against enemies they already defeated in the past or even themselves.

Next, we get introduced to the skill tree system. You can learn new skills by spending Z-Orbs, which are found in the fields or when defeating enemies. There are six different types of Z-orbs, and certain skills will ask for more of a certain type. There are both active and passive skills.

Lastly, we get introduced to the community system, which is basically sidequests and side stories. Clearing these nets you Sou Emblems, which can be used on the Community Board to get permanent boosts. We recently learned you can actually revive Freiza and Cell after defeating them to do their sidequests and get their Soul Emblems too.

One of the previous gameplay videos featured Gohan Vs Cell. We also got another gameplay video showing Majin Vegeta. Another gameplay trailer for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot launched a few days ago.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will be launching on January 17 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. If you like our coverage and wanna support us, you can preorder it on Amazon.

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