Dota Underlords Adds “Speedy” Game Mode in Latest Update

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Dota Underlords is Valve’s in-house developed answer to the uber-popular Auto Chess genre. The game has seen success even in an increasingly populated space. The team has been constantly updating the game, recently pushing out the “Big Update“, which added tons of new content. The latest update – “The Outlanders” – continues the recent string of sizeable content additions.

The biggest thing coming to Dota Underlords is likely the new game mode. “Knockout” streamlines the entire experience to make everything happen much faster. Instead of starting the game with a health pool, players have four lives and an initial crew of heroes. If you lose a battle, you lose a life. Lose all four and you’re out. It should make for a much snappier experience that lets you get through games quickly. Personally, this feels like a perfect move for players who mainly play on-the-go. A thought that is backed up by all the work they’ve done to improve mobile UI with this update.

Along with the new mode are five new heroes. Two of these heroes are brand new to both Dota 2 and Underlords and the fivesome form the devastating Spirit Alliance. The team has also done a lot of work to spruce up the new player experience. They’ve added a new tutorial that has played less than three matches. This will hopefully help smooth out the onboarding process and allow new players to hop in more quickly.

Dota Underlords is available now on Android, iOS, Mac, PC, and Linux. Likewise, the Outlanders update is now live across all platforms after having a bit of difficulty with the iOS release at launch.

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