Dota 2’s Treasure Update Will Now Disclose Drop Rate Percentages for Loot Boxes

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Valve’s latest update for Dota 2 makes some big changes to the game’s loot-based microtransactions. Players will now be able to see the percentages for various drops before they purchase keys to unlock treasure chests. You’ll be able to see your exact chances of getting higher rarity loot based on the number of keys you buy. The more you buy, the better chance you have.

We’ve seen multiple countries across the world heavily crack down on loot box systems, arguing that they’re malicious and entice gamers to gamble with their money. Back in August, we saw Blizzard Entertainment disable loot boxes in two of their games, Overwatch, and Heroes of the Storm. Outside of this, we’ve seen developers publically announce time and time again as of late that their games won’t contain loot boxes. This change to Dota 2 appears to fall in line with Valve not wanting players to feel as though they’re gambling.

Besides the changes to loot in Dota 2, the new update also comes with some other additional features. First, if you’re a Dota plus subscriber you’ll have access to a new perk that will allow you to recycle unwanted treasures in exchange for treasure fragments. Once you collect six treasure fragments from the same drop, you’ll be rewarded with an extra copy of that treasure as well as 2,000 Dota plus shards. Also, all players will now have the ability to shuffle their item sets for each hero during matches. You can read all about the update over at Dota 2’s blog.

Dota 2 is available now via Steam for Mac, Linux, and PC.

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